Why does cheese ooze out of some tequeños?

Sometimes you find that cheese has oozed out of your tequeños. This usually happens when you try to bake completely raw tequeños, since raw tequeños should preferably be fried.

Your chances of success are 30%, which is to say, if you set off to bake 100 tequeños, chances are 70 of them will end up with the cheese oozing out of the dough. This is the reason why precooked tequeños have become so popular – the tequeño is completely sealed, so the problem is avoided.

Now, in some cases when we over bake them (this happens when frying as well), we might end up with a few cheese-less tequeños despite them being precooked, so our recommendation is to set the oven or air fryer to 350F and check the recommended time based on the size (see the PREPARATION tab), and if the cheese still oozes out, you will need to reduce the cooking time a little.

To sum up, if a tequeño is properly rolled, the cheese won’t come out. If you still have any issues, contact us and we will help you solve them right away.

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